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Monitor non-physiological data of patients, such as musculoskeletal and respiratory systems, increase revenue, and seamlessly bill insurers for the provided RTM services.

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Get over $160 per Patient monthly Reimbursement through RTM Codes from CMS and Commercial Payers

CMS introduced RTM codes in 2022 to encourage continuum of care for patients with MSK issues and in addition potentially helping providers generate an additional revenue of over $160 per patient per episode of care.

CPT Code



Remote therapeutic monitoring initial set-up & patient education, once per episode.

CPT Code



RTM software & data transmission for monitoring musculoskeletal system once 30 days of 16 days documentation

CPT Code



Remote therapeutic monitoring treatment management services first 20 minutes, once per calendar month

CPT Code



Remote therapeutic monitoring treatment management services additional 20 minutes, multiple times per calendar month

*Reimbursement amounts listed are a national average based on CMS 2022 non-facility pay rate and are subject to geographic variation.

4 Steps to Get Reimbursed


1. Prescribe

Prescribe from 4000+ home exercise videos, educational materials, and surveys, based on the patient's initial assessment.


2. Monitor

Evaluate patient records and examine data and complete documentation for reimbursement.


3. Engage

Interact with the patients through telehealth or secure messaging for atleast 20 mins a month.


4. Bill

Send billing documentation for insurance and collect payments.

BlueJayRTM: a Turnkey RTM Solution

Home Exercise Plans

  • Thousands of home exercise videos
  • Personalized home exercise programs, educational materials, and surveys
  • Access to care anytime, anywhere
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