April 27, 2023

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Remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) enables remote management of non-physiological patient data such as musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. In 2022, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced RTM codes as a payment mechanism to manage therapy adherence outside clinical settings, but adoption was low due to limitations in billing for clinical staff time. To fix this issue, CMS proposed new RTM CPT codes, which were introduced in 2023. The new codes intended to enable clinical staff time to be able to bill for providing RTM services. The goal of the new codes was to incentivize healthcare providers to offer such services to their patients thus helping improve patient satisfaction and subsequently outcomes.

In the United States, MSK care costs over $400 billion annually and represents 10-15% of total health expenditures, making it a significant focus of digital health.

RTM has the potential to reduce this cost by providing patients with more convenient options to interact with healthcare systems. A recent survey on digital healthcare conducted in 2020 found that virtual care services are highly desired by US consumers. The survey revealed that 62% of respondents were willing to receive health and wellness advice through virtual channels. More than half of patients (57%) expressed a willingness to use remote monitoring for their ongoing health issues, while 52% would choose virtual appointments for routine healthcare needs.

Moreover, RTM can work alongside clinic-based care to increase healthcare providers' revenue per patient (up to 20-30%) without reducing in-clinic patient volume. This revenue opportunity is particularly important as PT clinic incomes gradually recover from the initial Covid-19-related slowdown. Overall, RTM has the potential to produce better clinical results and enhance the patient-provider relationship outside of the clinic.

BlueJay Health RTM Solution

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