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Solutions for MSK Disorders

Improve patient experience and satisfaction, Achieve better outcomes, Reduce overall healthcare costs

We help improve patient outcomes such as musculoskeletal and neurological pains, physical movements, and other chronic conditions by patient engagement and home exercise solutions.


We provide custom-built digital solutions according to the client’s workflow and ongoing needs

Patient Engagement Solutions

Automated reminders, personalized education, and outcomes data collection for healthcare enterprises to engage patients and customers

Telehealth & Communication Solutions

Video visit, video conferencing, secure messaging, and documentation management in HIPAA-compliant environment

Accessibility & Scalability

Accessible from any desktop browser or mobile platform, integrated with EMR/EHR, scalable to millions of users


A digital platform to engage patients and consumers

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Therapeutic Exercise

BlueJay provides 4000+ therapeutic exercises and hundreds of Home Exercise Programs (HEPs) that providers can prescribe their patients to treat musculoskeletal issues

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Outcomes Tracking

Achieve better outcomes with personalized treatment plans and automated collection of ‘Patient-Reported Outcomes’ (PROs)

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Video Visits

Remotely treat patients and deliver effective therapy through HIPAA-complaint video visits & video prescriptions. Use AI-powered diagnostic tools to assess ‘Range Of Motion’ (ROM) of patients remotely

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Patient Engagement

Engage patients through secure messaging, automated reminders, regular surveys, and interactive patient education

How It Works

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Better Engagement, Better Outcomes

We enable healthcare providers to remotely engage with patients and monitor their progress resulting in improved outcomes.


Improved patient outcomes and cost-efficiency

Cost savings

BlueJay enables healthcare providers to deliver effective healthcare to patients through evidence-based home exercises that help lower healthcare cost by avoiding unnecessary imaging exams, opioid medications, surgery procedures, and readmissions

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About 1.71 billion people are suffering from MSK disorders around the globe. Patients with MSK ...

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MSK Disorder is a major cost driver for ACOs

About 874 billion dollars have been consumed by MSK disorders annually in the United States which...

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Physical therapy: An effective solution for MSK disorders

It has been reported that the rates of physicians referring MSK patients to Physical therapists ...

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