We help healthcare industry improve patient outcomes, lower healthcare cost, and deliver quality care remotely through digital technologies of telehealth and patient engagement from multiple health disciplines.

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Interact, assess and deliver therapy to the patients through HIPAA-complaint video & prescription solutions.

Patient Engagement

Engage patients through secured messaging, reminders, mobile surveys and interactive education & resource materials.

Outcomes Management

Achieve better outcomes with compliance tracking, and automated collection of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs).

Home exercise programs

Physicians and Physical therapists send home exercise programs (HEPs) as prescriptions to the patients.

Customizable solutions

Ensure high-quality care and improved outcomes through BlueJay’s scalable services with customized digital solutions

Clinical Decision Mapping

Assess and analyze clinical data and predict a clinical pathway to deliver optimal treatment options and achieve better outcomes.

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Efficient and Cost Effective

Telehealth via Video and AI

See patients remotely via video visit and AI-powered tools.

Care Team Approach

Boosts care coordination between providers and caregivers

Group Video Conferencing

Allows communication between providers and caregivers.

Cost Effectiveness

  Reduces unnecessary costs, procedures and no-shows

HIPAA Compliant

We take patient confidentiality seriously. BlueJayTelehealth™ and BlueJayEngage™ are HIPAA compliant.

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