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November 24,2021
Managing Osteoarthritis with exercises and lifestyle changes

One in every 3 individuals over the age of 65 years suffers....

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October 12,2021
Physical therapists as essential healthcare providers

Studies have advocated that physical therapists can significantly improve health outcomes by actively....

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October 07,2021
Physical therapy reducing MSK pains and improving quality of life

MSK disorders are common in the obese and geriatric population....

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September 30,2021
MSK disorders and continuous pain

Musculoskeletal disorders affect the quality of life with acute and chronic pains. Such conditions contribute...

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August 20,2021
Patient Engagement Solutions Designed for Researchers of Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation

Every year about 14 million...

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August 12,2021
Care coordination and care transition for MSKD patients

Care transition and coordination from acute to post-acute care become increasingly...

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