BlueJay health Release 8.1.0

April 19, 2021

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Media Contact
Sezgin Ozgur, VP of Business Development

About BlueJay

BlueJay health was founded in 2013 to provide quality telerehabilitation services to patients around the globe. By incorporating advanced technologies such as virtual ROM assessment, Clinical Mapping, and S.O.A.P notes, BlueJay provided an effective and efficient online healthcare system.

Improved & Personalized Healthcare

With the cutting-edge technology, BlueJay health is constantly improving its features and system to compete with the changing trends and needs. BlueJay’s release 8.1.0 is a step taken to improve the treatment by adding more features and enhance the overall patients’ engagement and outcomes.

The AI-Powered tool, ROM can now be employed manually by the providers. They can now draw ROM angles and save the measurements as a part of their S.O.A.P notes documentation.

Moreover, BlueJay has improved the UI Design of BlueJay Telehealth to make the format simpler and clearer for senior patients. The fonts and designs are upgraded to improve the overall pattern and make it easier to read and follow.

In addition, release 8.1.0 introduces a new PCP Workflow for ACO or Primary Care Physicians. Now the Primary Care physicians can remotely prescribe Home Exercise Programs (HEPs) to their patients without having to access the entire BlueJayEngage platform by simply following these steps:

1. Launch link and login
2. Find a pre-grouped exercise program
3. Prescribe it to the patient

Furthermore, PCP providers can also track the compliance rate of the patients by accessing certain tools from BlueJayEngage.

BlueJay health has added Multifactor Authentication feature for added security to its BlueJayTelehealth platform as well.

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