Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Enhancing access to quality care with turnkey RTM reimbursement solution

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Remote Care,

Enhanced Outcomes

BlueJay’s state-of-the-art technology offers a comprehensive platform to providers to deliver remote care ensuring better engagement and enhanced outcomes while facilitating seamless process for RTM reimbursement.


A digital healthcare platform with advanced user portals enabling better patient engagement and outcomes,

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Restorative Care

Remote Consultations with Health Coaches Personalized Care for Health Plan Members Cost-effective Healthcare Solution

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Remote Therapeutic
Monitoring (RTM)

Remote Care Management System
RTM Billing Records
Secure Data Storage

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HIPAA Compliant Video Visits
4000+ Therapeutic Exercises & HEPs
Continuous Provider Support

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Secure Messaging
Automated Reminders
Regular Surveys


Improved Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care

Cost savings

BlueJay enables healthcare providers to deliver effective healthcare to patients through evidence-based home exercises that help lower healthcare cost by avoiding unnecessary imaging exams, opioid medications, surgery procedures, and readmissions

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