BlueJay health Announces Clinical Trial Results conducted by...

Aug 14, 2018

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BlueJay health Announces Clinical Trial Results conducted by the Colorado Integrated Care Network

Pleasanton, California – August14, 2018 – BlueJay Health is excited to announce the results of a clinical trial conducted by the Colorado Integrated Care Network (CICN), which demonstrated that the use of BlueJayENGAGE and the Torrent Clinical Decision-Making Software resulted in a significant reduction of the average number of patient visits when compared to conventional clinical methods.

"We were honored to work with both CICN and Torrent using the BlueJayENGAGE platform which helped CICN to reduce treatment time to results by 50%,” saidBenjamin Yee, Vice President of Sales at BlueJay health, “thus reducing overall healthcare costs and increase provider efficiency within their organization."

The significant reduction in patient visits necessary to achieve the desired patient outcome can be attributed to the combination of compliance data provided by BlueJayENGAGE and clinical decision-making assistance provided by Torrent Software. Providers using BlueJayENGAGE can schedule follow-up video visits or communicate with patients via secure messages to improve patient compliance, thus reducing the number of unnecessary in-patient follow-up appointments.

“CICN found in its pilot program that BlueJayENGAGE contributed to improved efficiency in achieving target patient outcomes, or resolution, for several common spinal diagnoses,” said Garret Rock, CEO of CICN. “We feel that at-home patient management programs such as BlueJayENGAGE will play a central role in reducing overall healthcare spending for musculoskeletal conditions in the future and offer providers a tremendous tool for increasing the value of their service offerings now.”

Along with Torrent Software, we are proud to offer a comprehensive healthcare platform that supports CICN's data-driven vision of increasing provider efficiency, streamlining and standardizing care, as well as creating predictable patient outcomes.

About BlueJay health

BlueJay health, located in Pleasanton, California, is an AI-powered telehealth and patient engagement technology company that focuses on rehabilitation care. Their products, BlueJayEngage™ and BlueJay Telehealth, offer a comprehensive solution to deliver care to patients at home and to engage patients for better outcomes. Patients can use a mobile device, tablet, iPad, or computer to receive care and to get assessed for range of motions during the AI-powered video call. The artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile technologies bring health providers closer to their patients. For more information, including product features, visit .

About Colorado Integrated Care Network (CICN)

The Colorado Integrated CareNetwork (CICN) consists of 42 physical medicine clinics conveniently located throughout the Colorado Front Range, integrating medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, and complimentary services. Through collaboration and technology tools, CICN aims to deliver efficient, effective and patient-focused musculoskeletal medicine. CICN is the first large entity to integrate all essential musculoskeletal health providers, including physiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists. CICN has also created technology tools including EMR dashboards, home exercise program tracking and follow-up programs, and clinician decision-making algorithms aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care. For more information, please visit and read their 2017 outcome metrics report at

For more information about BlueJayEngage™, including product features, Contact us to learn more.