Rapid rollout of Digitalized Healthcare in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

March 25, 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive increase in the usage of digital healthcare services in SNFs in an attempt to keep their residents safe from unnecessary exposure. Virtual patient monitoring improved the access to healthcare and reduced stress in the residents. In a research by Powell and Gregory, 21 administrators and clinicians were interviewed who mentioned 4 main positive consequences of remote care:

- Accessible Care
- Cost-Effectiveness
- Enhances Communication
- Precludes the Need for Transportation

Caretakers at the nursing homes reported that they prefer quick remote consultations for moderate emergency cases such as sudden fall instead of rushing the resident to the hospital. ACOs providing such services can ensure access to care in real time while reducing the hospital’s patient intake. Regular monitoring of chronically ill patients can help enable early interventions and improve long-term health outcomes.

BlueJay ENGAGE provides a virtual care portal with the right amenities to ensure appropriate remote caregiving.

- Providers can communicate with patients through video visits and secure messaging.
- With our whiteboard tool and video library, patients can be aided through visual input
- Our AI-assessment tool allows for accurate assessment of patients’ range of motion
- Compatible Electronic Medical Records for ease of access and upgradation

BlueJay health, aims to optimize healthcare delivery. Providers are encouraged to discuss the course of treatment with their patient for shared decision making. BlueJay ENGAGE, remote care platform, PCPs and PTs can conveniently provide prehabilitative care to their patients, using innovative tools.