Managing Neurological Disorders with Virtual Healthcare

Dec 28, 2021

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The Global Burden of non-communicable Neurological diseases has significantly increased over the past few decades. Valery et al. reported that more than 200 million Americans (60% of the population) were afflicted by at least 1 neurological disorder in 2017.

Neurodegenerative disorders (NDD) have a grave impact on QoL as they catalyze many mental and physical challenges in the patients. Patients with NDDs suffer from balance problems, muscular weakness, tremors, speech problems, fatigue, vision problems, and anxiety among many other symptoms. Loss of balance in these patients causes recurrent falls leading to fractures (hip), immobility, kinesiophobia, and even death.

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These patients need continuous supervision and care. Providers cannot monitor the progress and compliance of patients at care facilities and homes. With the integration of virtual healthcare into clinical practice, providers will be able to overcome the gap in care provision. Research shows that managing neurological diseases through video consultations is a far more feasible option than in-patient care.

BlueJay ENGAGE BlueJay ENGAGE is a simple and cost-effective platform for effective provider-patient engagement and care delivery. PCPs and PTs can remotely provide patient-centered care to patients and help manage the symptoms associated with such neurological conditions.