Lack of Awareness regarding Hypertension and its Management

April 6, 2022

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According to the CDC, nearly half of the American adult population suffers from hypertension. 1 in 5 of those adults are unaware of their health condition, therefore take no measure to manage it. The lack of awareness regarding the complications of high blood pressure and chronic disease management adds to the global burden of hypertension which is estimated to be 33% by the year 2025 (NCD-RisC).

Research has found that young adults with uncontrolled hypertension suffer from an early cognitive decline that is noticeable in their middle ages. Hypertension in pregnant women contributes to nearly 20% of growth retardation and 5% of stillbirth cases.As the childhood obesity epidemic has risen 3 fold in the past few decades, so has the prevalence of pediatric hypertension that makes them prone to grave complications just as much as adults.

Complications of High Blood Pressure include stroke, heart failure, and kidney disease to name a few. However, these can be avoided or delayed with effective health management, which is only possible through awareness and adherence to treatment.

BlueJay Mobile Health provides an accessible virtual solution that takes care of both these matters.

- Our ENGAGE portal provides a customizable library for providers to manage and share educational material with patients.
- Further awareness among the patients can be created through live interaction in video visits.
- With our compliance tracker, regular reminders, and automated surveys, providers can keep their patient’s progress in check, provide motivation, and improve adherence to treatment protocols