Care coordination and care transition for MSKD patients

August 12,2021

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Care transition and coordination from acute to post-acute care become increasingly important for managing utilization and patient outcomes. MSK patients often have a history of consultations with different physicians and PTs, and the inadequate transfer of medical information, when admitted to nursing facilities, can affect their outcomes and quality of life.

The issues of lack of care coordination and obstructed data flow during care transitions between different care settings may lead to treatment errors, an increase in the readmission rate and use of emergency services, and soaring healthcare costs.

Digital healthcare platforms like BlueJay aim to minimize such risks by providing the following:

• data sharing
• video visits with physicians and specialists,
• secure messaging
• document sharing and signatures among caregivers.

BlueJay Mobile Health provides a simple digital solution to healthcare organizations to engage patients and ensure smooth care transitions, with a purpose to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.