Adherence to Home Exercises using Remote Monitoring

Jan 05, 2022

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Non-compliance to treatment is a complex healthcare problem. It has delirious effects on the patient’s health as well as the healthcare system.

In-patient care yields better patient compliance as they are being constantly motivated, reassured, and supervised by healthcare providers. When the patients are discharged with an exercise plan, the motivation to comply with the plan goes downhill pretty quickly as they get caught up in routine activities. Other factors contributing to low compliance include fear of pain or re-injury, forgetfulness, and disregard for the health benefits of exercise.

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Research shows that remote management of the patient has a positive effect on adherence to treatment. Regular virtual consultations improve provider-patient communication, that helps create awareness and encourages patients to comply with treatment.

Frequent feedback from the patient regarding their health status also helps the providers with treatment planning. Compliance with follow-ups and treatment results in better health outcomes and reduces the risk of hospital readmissions.

BlueJay has created a comprehensive digital solution to enhance care delivery and improve patient compliance rates. With BlueJay ENGAGE, providers can

• Schedule Video Visits with Patients
• Monitor Patient Compliance
• Get Feedback through Automated Surveys
• Track Patient Progress