Customized Digital

Healthcare Solutions for
Enterprise Users

Software solutions that fit and work
seamlessly with clients’ existing
platforms and technologies

Our project management and product development teams have been delivering customized solutions for enterprise clients across the full spectrum of healthcare. Our Solutions will integrate smoothly into workflows of our clients

Patient/Consumer Education

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BlueJay provides personalized educational videos and other materials to our clients that can send them to the patients and consumers through our platform to educate them about their treatments and thus, results in improved outcomes

Patient/Consumer Adherence

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Automated reminders and compliance tracking not only help the healthcare providers to monitor the compliance of their patients but also enhance patient adherence and accountability

Outcomes & Data Collection

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Through surveys, feedback, and home monitoring devices, our system automatically collects the data and provides the clients with the compliance and outcome reports enabling the providers to timely modify the treatment plans

Telehealth and communication

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Our HIPAA-compliant interface ensures secure messaging and video visits. We prioritize the security and privacy of our clients’ health documents and reports

Documentation Management

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BlueJay provides secured documentation storage, data sharing, and signature management to relieve our clients from the stress to gather, assemble and safeguard all the reports and documents of patients’ treatments and their progress

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