BlueJay Engage 
A patient engagement and care coordination platform for rehabilitation

BlueJay participated in a 15 clinic site study. To see the clinical trial data, click the button below.

Clinical Trial Data

Telehealth Modalities

Live video

Real-time one on one communications and coming soon, group communications.


Generate patient history files that can be exported to medical records.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Track, monitor, and measure patient compliance.

Mobile health (mHealth)

Healthcare and patient education through mobile devices

BlueJay Engage offers a total solution to enhance interaction and communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Care Team

Treatment Program

Outcomes Dashboard


Artificial Intelligence

Concierge Program

Care Team

Creates a team approach in delivering healthcare to your patient.
Increases efficiency and reduces errors when treating your patient.
Add any provider that treats or cares for your patient, including nurses, pharmacists, therapists, caregivers, etc.
Invite any contact to your care team, even if they are not BlueJayENGAGE subscribers.

Treatment and Instructional Programs

Customize the treatment and instructional programs to meet your patient’s needs.
Upload your own treatment content or instructional materials.
Extensive library of exercise videos available.

Outcomes Dashboard

Quickly see an overview of all your patients currently under your care.
Provider, caregiver, and patient can follow patient's progress.
Track patient's compliance, goal, treatment, pain and neural symptoms.


One on one video consultation and coming soon, group video conferencing with up to 6 participants.
Observe your patient following your instructional video simultaneously. 
Quickly leave a secure text or multimedia message for your patient to reinforce your treatment instructions.
Access patients that cannot come to your office due to severe weather, traffic or other conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

Remotely measure range of motion without external sensors.
Range of motion measurements are recorded and saved in PDF or video.
Assess the progress of a patient's range of motion.

Concierge Package

Generate additional revenue and extend your services past the insurance coverage.
Create a custom program to fit the needs of your patients and practice.
Differentiate yourself from other providers.
Increase patient satisfaction and retention.


New remote Telehealth billing codes available through Medicare. Click here to learn more.

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