Hospital at home: Why now?

April 15, 2022

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Healthcare is best provided in the right place at the right time. To make it work, At-Home Care Facilities initiated, that entail payer-provider relationships for successful operation. In other words, payers and providers need to work together to come up with efficient solutions that work for both parties as well as the patients.

At-Home care includes acute, post-acute, chronic health, rehabilitative, and postoperative care personalized according to the patients’ needs to reduce the need for hospital admissions. The goal of such a care transition is to make healthcare cost-effective while ensuring patient satisfaction and well-being. The focus is on remotely managing as many conditions as possible by utilizing innovative software and gadgets.

The successful operation of these programs can be achieved through a comprehensive platform with all the available resources, such as BlueJay health. BlueJay health has assembled these resources that prove to be an asset in remote care programs including:

- Video visits
- Secure messaging
- Outcome report
- Compliance tracking
- Educational materials
- Therapy programs