Home Care for Chronic Patients

March 31, 2022

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Preventable hospital readmissions are estimated to account for more than $17 billion in Medicare expenditures annually. In 2017, readmission rates cost hospitals $528 million in Medicare penalties. The most common reason for hospital readmissions is chronic health problems. With better health management in chronically ill patients, providers can prevent readmissions, avoid penalties, and protect their patients financially.

Coping with chronic diseases is a challenge for most patients. The diagnosis comes with a great deal of emotional stress, while the body is already under physical and physiological stress due to the health problem. Keeping up with the care instructions can be overwhelming for the patients. Moreover, patients do not have the knowledge of disease management. Only 39% patients admit to having some awareness of effective management of their disease. Patients are unaware of their health metrics and how to optimize them, which is an important measure in preventing complications. Even most providers (75%) are not confident that their patients understand their own health status or the severity of disease.

Accountable care organizations, providers, and PTs must implement chronic care programs to improve patient well-being. Evidence shows that appropriate chronic health management strategies leads to improved health outcomes that in turn positively impacts public opinion of the ACOs/clinics.

BlueJay health equips providers with digital tools that can be used to educate the patients, remotely monitor their health, guide them through disease management, prescribe customized exercise plans, ensure adherence, and receive feedback. These tools include:

- Video consultations
- Education materials
- 4000+ therapeutic exercise videos
- Compliance tracker
-Regular Surveys